Our Achievement

Dreamtakers foundation has been involved in a lot of projects since 2016, empowering youths and women to excel in their endeavors, prodding them on never to give up. In this regard she has partnered with other NGO’s to train people on different skill acquisition programs.

In 2016, DF trained 30 women in soap making, air freshener and disinfectant. 10 women were trained on how to make bags and 6, on how to design and tie head ties/gele and do face make-overs.

From 2016 to 2022, the Foundation has reviewed about 400 CVs and Resumes, teaching job seekers the best steps in putting together competitive CVS and how to properly brand themselves.

The foundation has also broadened the minds of youth endeared towards corporate practice in the office place, educating them on topics like, Team working skills, Professional ethics, Communication skills and many others. In the portfolio of entrepreneurship, Lectures like branding, strategy for business success and business plan are also part of the course contents which have been taught. The foundation is more or less a mini training one stop center steering this generation to becoming great minds and people for tomorrow.


DF has conducted mock interviews for job seekers as part of its practical session, in enabling interviewees to be confident when going for interviews.

From inception in 2016 to 2022 DF has conducted six free Skills acquisition program being carried out for one week each year, where youth were taught various skills of their choice for free. Skills like Soap making, Wig making, Shoe making, Graphic designs and printing, Catering, Hat making were all taught during the program. It was a well-attended event with beneficiaries coming from all over Abuja and its environs.

The foundation has been able to motivate students to strive for excellence with a resilient and never give-up spirit.

Dreamtakers Foundation has assisted in introducing willing graduates to business opportunities, partners and ready market in the process of mentorship, monitoring and evaluation.