About Us

Dreamtakers foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) geared towards youth and people empowerment. The NGO was founded to assist unemployed people most especially youths and women to become financially independent and more self- sufficient. It also embarks on training on various skills acquisition to empower people to be entrepreneurs. The foundation equips youths for the future regardless of circumstances, encouraging people to have a winning mentality.

Brief History

Dreamtakers foundation (DF) was birthed with a passion to alleviate the hardship of the common man, based on unemployment statistics soaring on a daily basis and the global rise in poverty.  The trustees of the Foundation had to look inward to be part of a problem solving team, in order to reduce the hardship of unemployment in Nigeria. The foundation started operations in January 2016, by bringing together a group of individuals who had no jobs or source of livelihood and were desperate to be employed, craving for better conditions to life.

DF started its  first meeting with a talk and charge taken on  “vision and mission” encouraging attendees at that time, to be focused and determined. The coaching class was held in kubwa, a suburb town in Abuja, Nigeria. This was very successful and became a spring board for other meetings and life coaching classes.  The focus of the meetings were designed, to motivate, as well as educate people on available opportunities in life to excel.

The meetings were initially held bi-weekly and later on quarterly. The goals of the meetings there after  were further designed to re-orientate the minds of youths, to look for alternative sources of income other than paid employment, as well as equipping  them with various survival and revenue generating skills. Entrepreneurship was then developed as the primary focus of every Dreamtaker participant , who there- after would graduate to be a member. DF went the extra mile to get professionals and partners in the field of motivational and attitudinal change whose lectures impacted positively on the people in attendance.

As at 2018, the members in the meetings had grown from 4 to 60 persons